Awareness projects

The Carrefour d’Action Interculturelle (CAI) includes in its main focus a desire to raise awareness about the realities of immigration and the problems people may encounter. As part of this, actions are carried out to fight prejudice, and discrimination, notably as tools of intervention (cultural mediation) through projects of artistic expression.

Immigr’Action is a new service offered by the City of Quebec to support businesses in their efforts to welcome and integrate immigrants.

We are proud to participate alongside GIT, APE Services d’aide à l’emploi, Voice of English-speaking Quebec and the Chaire de recherche sur l’intégration & la gestion des diversités en emploi.

True to its mission, the Carrefour d’Action Interculturelle (CAI) contributes to Immigr’Action by offering fun and friendly intercultural meetings. We also support the participating partner organisations in developing of their intercultural skills.

Your organisation could benefit from this support for free! For information, visit the website below or contact cr***@rl*.ca.

This initiative is made possible through the support of the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration

This campaign exposes the perspectives of immigrant people and aims to promote access to social science research evidence about barriers to employment, as well as to build the capacity of organisations to address them.

Initially called the « Saviez-vous que…? » project, the «Inclusion: Au travail !» campaign was launched in the fall of 2021 on Carrefour d’Action Interculturelle (CAI)’s social media.

As a central element of the campaign, a travelling exhibition on the barriers faced by immigrants in employment took off in November 2021 in the National Assembly of Quebec’s Agora as part of its Visitor’s Program.

To learn more about this project, visit (French only)

This workshop, designed in 2014 by the Carrefour de ressources en interculturel (CRIC), is inspired by concepts used by the City of Barcelona and the Council of Europe. In it, prejudices are treated as myths so that they can be deconstructed without making people feel guilty. Since its beginning, this workshop has been offered hundreds of times in various settings, from people in high school to adults and seniors, from local communities
and from immigrant communities.

Reference: CRIC Centre Sud. (2021). (2021). « The MRI workshop », Carrefour de ressources en interculturel. Retrieved from

Since spring 2021, the CAI has been offering this workshop in the Quebec City area. Are you interested in hosting it in your organization, your school, or your work team? Contact us for more information!

Donner, recevoir, rendre: Une boîte à remplir (Give, Get, Give Back: A Box to Fill)

This cultural mediation project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the City of Quebec within the framework of the Québec, Collectivité accueillante program. It was directed by artist collaborator Márcio Montoril Prado and the Carrefour d’Action Interculturelle (CAI) intervention team. This project uses art as a force for self-affirmation, with the aim of deconstructing prejudices. This project was in collaboration with eight partner organisations: La Dauphine, the Centre social la Croix-Blanche, the Francisation class at Saint-Malo primary school, the Centre solidarité jeunesse, GRIS-Québec, R.I.R.E 2000, the theater La Bordée and Laura Lémerveil. Each of these groups (including a group from the CAI) participated in two workshops that allowed for openness to others, creating bonds of trust and questioning prejudices. In addition, the use of art as a springboard for self-affirmation was the first step towards a social approach where the differences of all are recognised as the riches of a unique mosaic.

In figures…

16 workshops

59 participants

8 partner organizations

14 days of exhibitions at Théâtre La Bordée

Collaboration on the exhibition « QuébécoisEs, musulmanEs… et après? »

In 2016, the Carrefour d’Action Interculturelle (CAI) participated in the creation of the exhibition « QuébécoisEs, musulmanEs… et après? » The popularity of the exhibition allowed us to recreate the experience in 2017, during the last two weeks of March. For this second edition, the City of Quebec, Patro de Charlesbourg and Rochebelle high school agreed to host the exhibition as part of the Semaine québécoise des rencontres interculturelles. On this occasion, the CAI offered awareness-raising activities to a diverse public.